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2022 Happy New Year from YFC

Jan 10, 2022

Dear Friends and Loved Ones,

Happy New Year friends of YFC. We ended 2021 on a high note. We had Christmas parties in three out of four of our facilities. We were able to share the Love of the Lord with around 100 youth and staff. Everyone involved was blessed. Everything went great from the weather to youth participation. We were also blessed by the Lord in that we exceeded our end-of year match of $20,000. Thank you all for your prayers and involvement in this event.

I will now ask that you pray for the following items on this year’s agenda.

We need more volunteers. We received a considerable amount of people that were interested before the holidays and now that things are settling down, pray that we keep the interest of those called to serve this ministry.

When we celebrated Christmas at Southern Peaks, a treatment facility in Canon City, over 80% of the youth said they would be interested in having some type of Sunday service. I will be working with the facility to get a program on-line to serve the 50 or so youth there.

We had several Churches get involved with this ministry over the past year. Pray more churches not only in Colorado Springs, but in Pueblo and Canon City will get involved as well. I believe the body of Christ needs to be part of what the Lord is doing through this ministry.

Our golf tournament last year was a good restart. Please pray we are able to reach the community in other ways and let more people know about what the Lord is doing within the juvenile detention facilities, we serve.

We have an amazing board of five men and women. Pray for at least four more brothers and sisters called by God to be part of our board. The board is a critical piece to the success of this ministry.

We depend on the Lord to provide financially. He has done this through many avenues. One thing I believe blesses the Lord and stabilizes the ministry, are monthly donors. We have gone from about 10% to just over 30% of our budget being monthly donors the past couple of years. Please pray that the number of monthly donors increases to at least 50%. This creates a solid foundation not depended heavily on events for support.

We want God’s ministry to bring glory to him. There are over 500 youth in the juvenile system in southern Colorado that need the Love of God in their lives. Your prayers/participation in the above list of ways to help, will create more opportunities to connect with more of these youth.

Thank you and may your year be filled with the Love of the Lord!!



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