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April, 2022

A New Quarter

Dear Friends in Christ,

This coming Thursday (April 7), we start a new quarter at our YWAM campus. That means that students arrive for a three-month lecture phase, to several different schools. Students register, attend a welcome dinner, and on Friday go through an orientation about our campus and its rules and schedules, as well as information about their individual schools. One of the schools is the SOBE which Mark will be leading, although his students, who will be doing the in-person-cohort at our campus, are arriving a couple days earlier because several of them happen to be internationals. Most other students are encouraged to arrive the day of registration.

Much preparation has gone into the students’ arrival. Two days ago, I helped Mark by shopping for welcome baskets, writing name tags, door tags and welcome cards, making beds, etc. That’s nothing compared to the tire- less work Mark has gone through in order to schedule weekly teachers, and one-on-ones and coaches for each student. There have been students dropping out, and students wanting to join late, issues with payments, and a lot of other issues that take a lot of time and energy. And that’s in addition to many other tasks Mark has and does at our campus, but also at our church. I don’t know how he does it all. Nevertheless, he is very excited to finally have some students to interact with face to face! He has nine students that will be here and then another six that are taking the SOBE online.

Yesterday, he watched the students from our previous SOBE finish up their course by presenting their business plans over Zoom. I’ve heard him express that he was very impressed. I’m writing this newsletter to take some things off his plate since today is our only rest day before our campus’ annual staff conference and all the schools start.

What about Åsa?

As we told you, I was asked to help out in our Personnel Department. I made a commitment for a year to start with, but I have honestly wrestled with the decision back and forth. I do want to play a role in the running of our campus, and I do believe that this job is a good fit for me, but at the same time I have limits, and saying yes to one thing always means saying no to some other things. I haven’t been sure
that I want to give up certain things. But, I’ve been in training the last two weeks, and I was totally unaware of how much work it takes to keep track of all the staff, keeping files updated, both hard copies and on a couple different electronic programs. Please, pray with me that God finds us a full- time director. So far, we only have the two part-time assistant directors, but none of the two full-time positions. I have been the only one in training, so far. The other part-time assistant starts to train in a week.

One of the things I will have to reduce somewhat, is hosting people. I just don’t have the energy to be at the campus, AND having guests staying at our house. If I do, I’m not at my best, being an introvert and needing me- time to rest and recover. The last two weeks we ended up having two unexpected guests, and though I never want to leave anyone without lodging, who needs it, I don’t feel like a very gracious host. Two weeks ago, our son-in-law, Michael, stayed with us for only one night while visiting our cam- pus, helping the DTS teacher that week, and leading worship during the ministry night. His visit was not unexpected, and he is family which we always love catching up with! At the same time, we said yes to another per- son who had lost her place to stay last minute. She stayed with us for three nights. Then, this past week, a YWAMer from another base wanted to come and see our campus and get to know our BAM work. She initially was put up in a guest room at the base, but was denied an extension when she decided to stay longer. So, she stayed with us for five nights. Please, do not consider our guest rooms closed for visitors!! I’m just be- ing honest and will have to weigh timing and energy resources more care- fully. It hurts my heart to have to limit guests.

Michael had a good time during the (only) two days he was here. He was able to meet with many different people who told us afterwards they were so happy to have spent time with him, learning more about what he does in the music/worship industry, and/or leadership training. His last night he had dinner with us and stayed in one of our guest rooms since he had an early flight out the next morning, and we live 7 minutes from the airport(!). For dinner, we also invited our other son-in-law, Ryan, and his daughter Linnea, since Danielle was in Argentina on a work trip.

Update on our car

We have had no updates on what’s going on with the Ford that Hanna is supposed to currently be driving. It’s still sitting in the Ford dealer’s parking lot waiting for its part. I was grateful to be able to use a friend’s car for three weeks while she was traveling. Since then I have resigned to using Ryan’s old car that they haven’t sold yet since he recently got a different one. It’s an eight-seater and doesn’t get good gas mileage. Even though it still works fine, with the high gas prices I’m still trying to only use it if I really have to. Not having my own car has made me give up on some of my freedom, and makes life a tiny bit more stressful. But I’m so grateful to have one when I need to!

Hanna is nearing the end of her college years. She has been well liked by her teachers and advisors. She is currently being interviewed for future positions. This time, leading up to graduation, can be filled with anxiety about the future. Deciding where to live and work, etc. weighs heavy on most students. Would you send up a prayer for Hanna, that she would feel confident about God’s leading and desiring the best for her, for peace and no fear? Her graduation is May 7th. Thank you!

Finally, at the end of this month we will fly to Sacramento California and then drive up to the YWAM base in Chico for the Western USA regional leadership conference for YWAM. This always proves to be an important time or relationship building and net- working. For Mark, he continues to seek to promote and network on be- half in Business as Mission (BAM) within YWAM. Pray for these divine appointments that will result in King- dom partnerships for years to come.

Mark & Åsa Fisher

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