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June, 2022

Joby is here!

Dear Friends in Christ,

We will start with the exciting news that Tobias Mark Alan Fisher was born May 18th, just 40 minutes be- fore he would have shared a birthday with his father (our son) Ben. Heidi and Toby are doing well and his four siblings are loving having a new baby brother. For Ben and Heidi, it’s of course a pretty exhausting time. Ben is leading a YWAM school and they live in a small two bedroom row house next to the YWAM campus in Kona.

Åsa and I will wait till later in the year to make a trip to Kona and meet our new grandson. This now means that between Ben’s family and Amanda’s family that are living there, we have seven of our eight grandkids there!

We have mentioned a couple times the saga that is our Ford Focus. It broke down with a transmission control module failure back in early October and we have been waiting seven months for the repair to be made – under warrantee – with no part available. In May I made a stab at
talking to Ford corporate. I had spoken with them last summer about an issue with the same car and they were absolutely not helpful. I was skeptical, but decided to give it a short and appeal my case. I hoped that they would either buy back the car or someone would find the part. To make a long story short, within seven business days of making the call the car was fixed!

On the same day we found out the car would be fixed, Hanna also

found out that she was going to be hired by the school that she student taught at in her final college semester before graduation. One of her college housemates also decided to take a job in Greeley, so they will get an apartment together. She now has her car back, a job and is work- ing on her housing come August when she will move back to Greeley. Perfect timing for Hanna!

SOBE Update

The SOBE is entering week ten of classes. There then is only one more week of class and then the students have that final week to prepare and submit their written Business as Mis- sion Business Plans. They then present their plan with a ten minute oral presentation on June 24th.

Leading the on-campus-cohort of nine students has been an absolute joy for me. We haven’t been able to run the course in person since 2019 due to COVID. To have nine of my 15 student taking this spring school on campus has been a blast. As much as I believe in the online course that we have built, there is something special about being daily in the classroom with the students to process each and every learning element of the online curriculum.

I’ll say as well that I think this group of students is special in many ways. The four single girls and two single guys seemed to connect immediately and it has been fun to see them function as an inseparable group through the whole course. They have come to our home for dinner three times and this past Saturday I took them all up to the top of Pikes Peak (14,115 foot summit). It’s keeping me young!

That being said, facilitating class for about 28 hours a week, while keep- ing up with other responsibilities has been a bit exhausting. I’m an extravert and I get energy from being with people, but I still get physically tired by the constant activity. Add to this that Åsa and I will leave for Fin- land this Friday, June 10th and I’ll manage the finals on June 24th from Finland over zoom, and it is a lot. Pray that I and all the students finish strong.

Looking ahead we have our next SOBE, which will be online only, starting in Mid-September and then both an online and on campus cohort in January.

I also have invitations that I have accepted to be part of Business as Mission events in Costa Rica in early August and Brazil in early November. The Brazil trip will be a full two weeks with me teaching a seminar on BAM, as well as speaking at a BAM conference and in a couple churches. This will be my first time in both these counties and I’m excited that things have opened up enough that I can make ministry trip like this again. The Brazil trip is be- ing organized by a couple of Brazilians that have been students in the SOBE and one of the guys on my team is from Costa Rica and his dad is organizing the event there.

Finland Trip

As mentioned, we leave this Friday, June 10th for Finland. Åsa’s parents are somewhat alone in Finland, with us in the USA and both of Åsa’s sisters living in Sweden. While Åsa has been making annual visits for years, it is more necessary that I do as well as the only man in my generation in the immediate family. The day after we arrive, Amanda and her family will join us after spending three weeks in Turkey with a YWAM team there.

Please pray that all our travels go well (literally via trains, planes and automobiles) and that nothing prevents this from being a special time for all!

Mark & Åsa Fisher

The Mission

To plant churches, businesses and YWAM ministries that apply God’s Word to every area of thought and life in a culturally appropriate way amongst Muslim peoples and the least reached peoples on the planet.

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