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SEP 25, 2019

Scott Price Testimony

Scott Price is a living, breathing miracle. Praise be to God that Scott is willing to share his testimony as scripture tells us. Read or watch his incredible story–then tell us your story!

Scripture tells us that the Church stands on the testimony of others, so I’m your testimony to stand on this morning for the glory of our living Father in heaven.

In May 2017, my wife and I and children were called back from the mission field in Africa to come home to America.  However, before we left Africa, my hips began to bother me.  I’m a golfer, so that was a problem for me to be able to follow-through in my swing.  I have a daughter that works at Memorial Hospital, so I asked her to make an appointment for me with an orthopedic doctor to find out what was going on with my hips.  The doctor took some x-rays and ordered an MRI. When the results came back, the doctor said, “Scott, I hate to tell you this, but you have cancer in your bones.” My wife and I were in shock.  The doctor gave us the name of an oncologist and said he would contact him to make sure I could get in as soon as possible. It took about a month before I saw the oncologist.  When I left Africa, I had to use a cane.  By the time I got to the oncologist, I was using a walker.  By the time I was seen at the cancer clinic, I was in a wheelchair because it was so hard for me to walk.  After they did all the blood work, the oncologist said, “Scott, I hate to tell you this, but you have stage IV prostate cancer that has metastasized to all your bones.  He told us he might give me three months to live, but if it’s not stopped, you’re going to die.  Later, he told me that I only had about six weeks to live.

So, what do you do with that?  We thought we were coming back to the States to live life with our kids and here’s a doctor telling me I’m going to die in possibly six weeks.  My wife and I decided to claim the promise that God has for us.  We got on our knees and cried for about 24 hours.

We let all of our friends in Africa and America know that I was sick and dying.  We decided that is how we would attack this cancer.  Of course, my wife made me drink green tea and a lot of water.  The doctor decided to put poison inside my body, but we knew one thing that God was in control.  After ten days of praying and asking God for intervention, a flash of warmth went through my entire body.

I told my wife, “I think God just healed me.”  My wife’s response was “Really?”  My kids told me that I should think about it.  At that point, we didn’t look back.  We looked forward.

The next month, I went to see the oncologist at the cancer clinic.  The nurse asked me, “Where’s your wheelchair?”  I told her I didn’t need it.  Two months passed, I went to see the oncologist and he said, “Scot, you do not even look sick!”  I had not lost any hair from the chemo treatments.  I had absolutely no side effects from chemotherapy.  God took care of me through it all.  In February 2018, I had already lived longer than they anticipated, the doctor said, “Scott, we do not see any cancer in your body at all.” When I went back to see him the next month, he said he wanted to do radiation on my bones since I had a lot of tumors.  The radiation would stunt them so they would not come back again.  I asked the doctor, “If God healed me from cancer, why wouldn’t he heal me from this bone situation as well?”  He said he wanted me to go ahead and get a bone scan to compare with the original bone scan done months earlier.  So, I went back the following month after the scan.  The doctor read the results and said, “Scott, we are not going to do radiation because your bones are healing themselves.”

So, why do I share this?  I share it for you.  The Church stands on the testimonies of others, and I’m one of the others.  God gets all the praise and the glory.  I want you to know, it’s just not the Hezekiah story, it’s thousands of years later, and you get to hear Scott’s story. Amen!

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