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Weekly Prayer Posts from Thailand

January 23, 2022

Dear Friends and Loved Ones,

We pray that all of you have entered the new year as pleasantly as possible. Even though outwardly this year looks to be more of the same — we are trusting that God will steer us out of the period of restrictions that we have all been in these past two years!

Our family is in a rejoicing time as we have our kids visiting with us. Benjamin arrived just before Christmas, and Anthony, Liz and Eleanor will arrive on Tuesday. They had originally planned to fly directly into Chiang Mai from Singapore, but missed the cut-off date for getting their Thailand passes.

They have had to change their route and enter Thailand by way of Phuket, where they are currently doing their 7 days mandatory quarantine. Benjamin and Katherine flew down to Phuket to be with them for a few days as the quarantine hotel is by the beach! They will also be able to help them bring up some of their excess luggage.

We then will be able to see our granddaughter Eleanor in person! We are thankful to have all of our children, their spouses, and grandkids here with us this year.

The work here in Thailand continues to move forward in spite of the Covid situation. Over in Myanmar, the people are undergoing a lot of hardship. Not only do they have to deal with the coronavirus, but they also have to cope with a brutal military regime. Despite all these setbacks, the churches in Myanmar have been able to be active in serving the people and meeting needs.

We are grateful for the financial gifts we’ve received to help meet some of the needs of the people in Myanmar. This has been a tremendous help. The Christians there have been greatly blessed! They are encouraged by knowing that they have not been forgotten. May God’s richest blessings be granted to all of you have given sacrificially during these difficult times.

We are able to serve God’s people here because of your faithful prayers and support.


Joni & Nangsar