Randy & Miki Brooks

Henry Blackaby defined leadership as influencing people onto God’s agenda.

Randy and Miki Brooks have been helping people come closer to God. They share many stories of the success they had in 2019!

In their blog they say:

“Overall God gave us many wonderful opportunities to speak into the lives of various people in 2019.

Here are a few examples:

Cathy, is a Chinese immigrant who came to the Life Skills course Miki led. She also attended the Long Story Short (Intro to God) course which I led. After this she came to Christianity Explored where she gave her life to Christ. Miki is now walking alongside her as she discovers more about what it means to follow Christ.

Cheryl, an American lady who randomly showed up at church on her own. A number of people connected with her on the day. One couple invited along to Long Story Short and then to Christianity Explored. She had grown up Catholic, but didn’t know much about the Bible and wasn’t sure what she thought about Jesus. God opened up her eyes and she has gone back to America with a fresh new perspective of the Bible and of who Christ is.

Michael, is my friend from China. His wife came to Christ in 2018, but he is still on the journey. He is a joy to talk with. We have many conversations about God and faith. He even attended Christianity Explored. By the end of the course he said that his willingness to believe moved up to a 6 out of 10, but he is not yet ready to fully believe.

A few weeks ago I was speaking over the fence to my neighbor when he opened up to me that his wife had left him. As you can imagine, he was filled with all of the emotions that come with it. At the same time my other neighbor stopped over and shared with us that he had been struggling with some mental illness around depression and anxiety. These conversations were quite unexpected, but God seems to have provided me with the opportunity to connect at a much deeper level.

These are just a few of the ways God has been leading me personally. We continue to be excited about the ministry that God has called us to.”

Current South Pacific Affiliate:

7 full-time workers either in or preparing to go to Australia.

4 full-time workers and 2 preparing to work in New Zealand.

So far 4 interns are set for 2020.

***Pictured Top left to Right: Randy & Miki,

John Woodward, Nate McGlumphry, Jeff &

Indra Palmer, Nathan & Marie Bollig,

Jennifer Reynolds, Alex Lisk, Allen &

Marilynn Todd.***

Local Ministry

In Auckland we are focused on community outreach.

Rhythm & Groove. This ministry was started by myself and the Shore Community Church. Rhythm and Groove is a music and movement program for toddlers. But more than this it’s a chance for parents to build relationships, learn from each other. It’s being held in our local community center.

Long Story Short. This is an introduction to God and Christianity course that which I led. It is a New Zealand narrated course that takes people on a journey starting from the question; Is there a God? It ends with what it means to accept Christ.

Christianity Explored. This course is a next step which introduces people to Christianity. It is a study out of the UK based on the Gospel of Mark. We were very excited when Cathy gave her life to Christ during this course.

Alongsiders. This is really a philosophy that underpins all that we do. We continually build into this idea into the Christian community. It is really just Christians intentionally walking alongside people with whom they are already connected. Through these relationship Christians can then invite their non-Christian friends along to things such as Long Story Short and Christianity Explore.

Bike Fun Day. This is a community event run in coordination with a ministry called Gear Heads. The focus is on bikes, fun and building relationships in the community. Our first event was a fantastic day with over 150 people attending

Christians Against Poverty (CAP): Miki has been working with this organisation. The goal of CAP is to assist churches in helping people who are struggling in the community. We currently run two CAP programs. These are the CAP Money course and the CAP Life Skills Course.